Company Profile


Netsol is a fabless memory semiconductor design house in South Korea, established in 2010.
We are developing and marketing non-commodity memory products with high standard of quality and reliability.

Our current products are Async Fast SRAM, Low Power SRAM, Sync SRAM, Quadruple/DDR SRAM and SLC NAND Flash.
Major customers base are industrials, commercials and communications and we are recognized by our technology of high speed, low latency and low power consumption memory design.

Netsol obtained the certification of “Small Giant Company of Korea” from Ministry of SMEs and Startups of Korea.

Convergence Trend of Memory Business


The background of NetSol’s presence is based on convergence trend of memory business. The role of memory suppliers would be separated into two groups. The first group will support mass commodity products like DDR3/4 DRAMs, multi-level-cell NAND Flash and memories for smart mobile gadgets and must follow the economies of scale.

The other group would be responsible for providing long term support of legacy memory products and special featured Niche memories.

In short, NetSol will be your non-commodity memory provider and NetSol’s presence will contribute stable supply chain management.